The New Alumni Association MBA Radovljica Website is Now Live!


Dear visitor,


Welcome to the brand new Alumni Association MBA Radovljica website.


In the past few months, the need for improving our website has been talked about increasingly at the Alumni governing board meetings. In fact, some of our members have also pointed out that our old website needs refreshment. When we dived into more and more details about what needs to be done in order to adequately represent the Alumni Association to both our members and our partners, we came to the only possible solution – we need to build a new website.


We started planning and discussing what we would like to achieve with our new website. We wanted to build a website that is fast, responsive and has a great design. A website, where you can find all the relevant information about our activities, events and other important updates. A website, where you can quickly update your personal information so we can always reach you, RSVP your attendance to one of our events or quickly renew your membership status. Last but not least, a website that contains relevant information not only for our respected members, but also for our current and future partners and sponsors, as well as for the current and future IMB students.


So here it is, your brand new Alumni Association MBA Radovljica website. We hope you find it enjoyable and that you will return to it and check for news and other information often. You will also be informed about the news on the website via our monthly newsletter. In the meantime, you can use the website to:

  • Read the most recent news about the activities of the Alumni and the IMB study programme
  • Apply for or renew your membership status
  • RSVP to our Gala and Cocktail events (when applicable)
  • Update your contact details, so we can reach you via email and regular mail
  • Find relevant information about the Alumni, our activities, and about the IMB study programme


Before we let you check the other parts of our website, we would like to express a special thank you to our friends at POINT OUT, who designed and built the entire site. If you have any comments about the site, please leave us your feedback here, so we can make the site even better.


Sincerely yours,

Alumni Association MBA Radovljica



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