Recruitment opportunities

Recruitment opportunities

Members of our Alumni have a reputation of being smart, hard-working and ambitious individuals. As such, various employers contact us regularly when they have new working positions opened and they want members of our Alumni to fill their needs. We feel this is the ultimate acknowledgement of the quality of the IMB study programme and its Alumni, who both make sure that our members are well trained and taught as well as incorporated into social and other professional activities, furthering their skill set and network.


By paying the yearly Alumni membership fee, our members get access to our LinkedIn Group, where we provide them with details about current recruitment opportunities.


Also, by becoming our sponsors, companies get access to our LinkedIn Group, where they have access to our Alumni members. If they find someone interesting for their job opening, we can provide them with contact information (if the prospect agrees with this). Additionally, direct requests are addressed to Alumni members to suggest the best candidate for an employment position.



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Current recruitment opportunities:

Currently we don’t have any opportunities opened.


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