Ready, Set, Christmas with IMB!


The holiday season is about giving, so this time, we focused on what we give to others.

During the November and December, 27th generation of IMB, worked on Charity event with an aim to spread the Christmas cheer in CSS Škofja Loka and dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica nursing homes. Enjoying the support of professors of SEB Ljubljana and companies like Jata Emona, Impol, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Red Bull and Atlantic Grupa, students collected more than 500 gifts for the elderly.

It was no doubt a great initiative taken by Julija Barbič, who attributes the success of the initiative to her classmates and looks forward to the event becoming a long-lasting tradition. `Doing something meaningful and be a real ‘changer’ means a lot in today’s world. I am grateful for everyone who helped us and supported the idea. We all showed that we have empathy, kindness and a big heart!`, Julija said.


Charity Gift Wrapping

2nd December 2019

Donated items were wrapped into parcels in a warm and cheerful atmosphere in the afternoon of 2ndDecember at IMB premises. The 27th generation welcomed the members of the Alumni MBA Radovljica and made sure that everyone got in the Christmas spirit by turning on a holiday music and whipping up festive cookies and tea.

Gift to the earth – eco-friendly gift wrapping

Over and above, since traditional gift wrapping can be incredible wasteful, the students found a way to beautifully wrap the gifts by using recycle materials such as newspaper and homemade wooden ornaments, that Santa would surely approve of.


Spreading Christmas Cheer to Nursing Homes

10th December 2019

On the 10th of December, students paid a visit to CSS Škofja Loka and dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica nursing homes.

Morning was dedicated to dr. Janka Benedika Radovljica nursing home. After introducing themselves, young and young in heart, were playing bingo and cutting paper snowflakes. The visit ended with unwrapping the gifts and warm thank you hugs.

The visit to CSS Škofja Loka was in the afternoon of the same day. After greeting the elderly and speaking to them one-to-one, students took them outside for the evening walk and showing the Christmas lights in the city. The experience was complemented by hot cocoa and good laugh.

Through these activities, students have connected with more than 400 elderly and got convinced that by giving back they move forward. At the end of the day, they were amazed by how appreciative elderly were for they visit. Moreover, caring and kind nurses in both nursing homes expressed gratitude and appreciation for what IMB did. Just like the students, they are looking forward to the next visit, keeping in mind that the life is meaningful only when helping one another.

Finishing 2019 in the best way possible helps us to take up more challenging goals! Stay tuned.



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