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Dear Alumni,


Nowadays, many companies as well as individuals engage in social responsibility as a marketing effort in order to enhance reputation of their name or brand. The studies show that knowing that a company or individual has behaved ethically can cause others to perceive them as performing better. They call this effect the benevolent halo effect.


Thus, in this issue of RETRO we give a special emphasis on benevolence within the Alumni community.


The current issue of Retro marks the 22nd edition and is the last one of three issues of Retro for year 2018. We hope you will enjoy reading the latest news and stories that we have prepared for this issue.


Of course, our wish is for each consecutive Retro issue to be better that the previous one so we really encourage you to become part of our RETRO story and share your insights, opinions and other fresh ideas with us. You can contact us here ( or by email


You can access the latest issue of RETRO here: RETRO 22


Yours sincerely,

Alumni MBA Radovljica


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