Nejc Slovnik: Invest Into Yourself and Start Building Your Own Personal Brand


The reality of today’s marketplace has changed drastically within the last 10 years. We are now living in a very connected and transparent world, where information is available at our fingertips.


Internet, social media networks, and smartphone technology have redefined the landscape of work, business and private life; virtually everything we do is being monitored. We are living in a vibrant new world, with remarkable challenges, but also tremendous rewards for those who know how to harness the immense power of personal branding.


For that reason, I passionately believe that the possession of a strong personal brand has become a game-changer in the Internet era we currently live in.


Have you ever wondered what the best thing to do first might be, after encountering a new person? Yes, you Google them! Recruiters, potential clients, customers, and partners
perform the same process. Therefore, it is crucial that you have an authentic, unique, coherent, and transparent image out there for the world to see and interact with. Nowadays, your personal brand is your resume and possibly the only thing you are going to own throughout your entire life.


“I passionately believe that possession of a strong personal brand has become a game-changer in the Internet era we currently live in.”

cover_ebook_mockup-copyToday, you can use the power of the World Wide Web and of social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) to position yourself strategically in front of the public. Positioning your personal brand out there will open up new windows of untapped opportunities you were never aware off. You may land your dream job or even start your own business—all while working on the things you are most passionate about. Be aware that if you do this in your own personal way, there are no real competitors out there.


Thus, I am on a mission to empower every individual so that each person can position themselves in front of the public in such a fashion that they can benefit from their own unique life story. I strongly believe that anyone can find true meaning in life by following their passions, and by building their personal brands around these characteristics and ideals.


“Your personal brand is your resume and possibly the only thing you are going to own throughout your entire life.”


So, you might be asking, when is the right time to create your own personal brand? My answer is: right now! You don’t need to wait even a second more. With every day that passes in which your personal brand is under-developed, you are inadvertently saying NO to your true potential and the wealth of untapped opportunities, which lay right in front of you.


However, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t honestly emphasise two cases in which timing is especially crucial. Creation of your personal brand comes especially handy in the following two cases:


  • When you have identified your passions and purpose in life, and when you have developed your mission and vision.
  • When you have your personal and career goals in place, and when you clearly know what you want to achieve in life.


My point is that you shouldn’t procrastinate with regard to the creation of your personal brand. If you still need to go through the steps mentioned above, I encourage you to start right away. Define your passions, purpose, mission, and vision, or skip over to the second step and focus on defining your personal and career goals.


If you are prepared to make a step forward in your life, I encourage you to read more on the topic in my free e-book 9.5 Steps Toward Your Personal Brand. The e-book is a step-by-step guide and it will show you what your personal brand is all about, and help you to create one by yourself. Feel free to download it from my website at


About Nejc Slovnik

Nejc is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and brand evangelist passionate about personal branding. In 2016, he launched, where he helps people to unlock their true potential and build their unique personal brand. He was a member of the 19th IMB generation.



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