After the Programme

After the Programme

90% of students get a job within the first 3 months after graduating from the IMB programme.


The reputation of the IMB programme for making hard-working, team-oriented, goal-driven students with a vast skill set puts you in advantageous position when you are looking for your first job. Many companies contact the IMB programme director or the Alumni in search for the right candidate for their job openings. In fact, in some cases employment opportunities can emerge immediately after graduation.


Furthermore, the Alumni network works in a way, where our members, former IMB students, who now hold responsible working positions inside their companies, often seek exclusively IMB candidates for their job openings. In our LinkedIn Group we regularly update new job positions that are aimed at other Alumni members.


Also, the Alumni mentorship programme provides an opportunity for students to get employed fast after the graduation.



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Investing in attending the IMB programme has proven to be a valuable platform for creating a successful business career.


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