Virtual Wine Tasting


Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 20.00

Limited number of spots!


Looking for a safe but fun way to connect with your colleagues? Having fun doesn’t stop just because we’re not together. Join our Virtual Wine Tasting event with an expert whilst enjoying and learning about great wines.

Partnered with the lovely producers from Noir Food community, you will receive small sample bottles which are privately bottled straight from the barrel. They will be packed and shipped directly to your address; each pack contains four 0,175L bottles of amazing wine. Price of the wine tasting is 27€.

Let’s make this lockdown a little bit more fun!


Let us introduce you NoirFood


NoirFood is all about building a community where wine lovers and seasoned connoisseurs, travel enthusiasts, and bon vivants can share their passion and learn about the things that brighten their lives.

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