Apply or renew your membership

Apply or renew your membership

In order for Alumni Association MBA Radovljica to continue with its yearly activities, the support from its members is crucial. As a non-profit organisation, Alumni Association MBA Radovljica is financed with donations, which are allocated in accordance to the yearly plan of Alumni activities for year 2018/2019. The Alumni Association governing board is responsible for carrying out the yearly plan of activities. At the end of each year at the Alumni Association general assembly, the governing board prepares annual report on all the activities of the past year.

You can donate to Alumni Association MBA Radovljica by submitting the following donation application form. After you click the button “Submit” you will receive the exact information about your donation directly to your email address.

In the name of Alumni Association MBA Radovljica we sincerely thank you for you support.

Governing Board of Alumni Association MBA Radovljica

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