About Us

Alumni association MBA Radovljica is an organization formed by members who finished their studies at International Full Time Master Programme in Business Administration (IMB) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.



The Alumni Association MBA Radovljica will integrate and connect as many members as possible by organizing an exclusive programme of activities, which will encourage members to stay connected with each other and with the Alumni.



The mission of Alumni MBA Radovljica is to foster and facilitate both ties among alumni and ties of alumni with companies and individuals that support the program. Besides this, Alumni is providing opportunities for continuous lifelong learning to its members.


Main values

The main values Alumni strives to provide for its members:

  • Connecting
  • Exclusiveness
  • Socializing
  • Encouragement of success
Download Code of Ethics (.pdf, 1.1 MB)
Governing board

President: Matej Ojsteršek

Members: Špela Galjot, Tanja Gazibarić, Roberta Kavčič, Nika Ojsteršek, Kristina Pangos, Marija Stanić, Nastja Vidmar, Urša Vuga


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